Customer Testimonials

Developing and nurturing relationships with our health care customers is a top priority to gain a thorough understanding of their needs, meet their expectations and provide value to the level of care delivered to patients.

From initial contact with Medical Packaging Inc., LLC (MPI) to purchasing a system and beyond, our knowledgeable Customer Assurance team is here to ensure we deliver the ultimate client experience.

Here are some responses MPI received from customers after working with our team:

AR, Manager of Pharmacy Informatics and Automation – Pak-EDGE / Technical Issue
MPI Customer Assurance Staff was extremely helpful and spent hours helping us out. Really appreciate the customer service your company provides!

KZ, Manager of Pharmacy Services – Pak-EDGE / Technical Issue
Thank you so much for your help. I never expected it to take that long. I know the delays where all on our end, but you couldn’t have been more pleasant and patient. Please make sure your Manager knows just how valuable a person like you is to your corporation.

I should let you know that calling tech support is never my favorite thing to do, however my experience far exceeded my expectations. Besides being patient and pleasant, MPI Customer Assurance Staff actually know the products and systems and not only resolved our issue, but also helped us work toward a solution to prevent the same thing from happening going forward.

SI, Pharmacy Manager of Operations – Auto-Wrap® / Technical Issue
The customer service experience for this case was phenomenal.  Loaner MPI arrived in less than 24hrs; MPI team was very open to issue resolution for payments and repairs of existing unit completed in a timely manner.  Awaiting arrival of original unit. (Shipped )

Absolutely love the customer support with your team.

TD, Director of Pharmacy – Pak-EDGE / Technical Issue
MPI Technical Support is fantastic, so prompt and helpful especially when we have an emergency. Thank you so much.

JP, Director of Pharmacy – Pak-EDGE / How To
I was incredibly pleased with the service. The technician explained everything, verified my email, expeditiously sent out the software upgrade I needed. Also, the phone was answered immediately! Great job! Thank you!

JB, Staff Pharmacist – Auto-Print® / Technical Issue
I am very pleased with the service, especially how quickly you all responded to me. I also love the thoroughness of the communication that allowed me to fix issues right away. We packaged quite a bit today using the new machine and it ran perfectly.

Thank you! (And I hope you are staying healthy and safe!!)

MB, Buyer/Lead Technician – Auto-Print® / Technical Issue
All issues are now resolved and our Auto-Print functioning well. We are very pleased with the technical support we received. MPI Customer Assurance Staff was very knowledgeable and explained the corrective steps to perform in a simple and understandable way. In the end they were able to diagnose our problem by looking at the photo we sent. Also, I was very relieved to find out tech support was still open at the time I called, I expected it to be closed and would have to wait until tomorrow to fix our problem.

SM, Pharmacy Manager – Pak-EDGE / Technical Issue
We did get the issue resolved once the appropriate IT people on our side. MPI Customer Assurance Staff was very helpful. Your support people were very professional and easy to get in touch with during this “work from home” time.

BD, Pharmacy Informatics Analyst – Auto-Print® / Technical Issue
Everything is functioning again. Thanks for all the help! You have a wonderful team.

DP, Pharmacy Supply Chain Coordinator – Pak-EDGE / How To
Absolutely satisfied! Your group has an amazing core of support folks! A pleasure to work with. Thank you all very much 👍

MB, Pharmacy Regulatory Compliance Specialist – Pak-EDGE / Technical Issue
Yes, all is ok. MPI Customer Assurance Staff helped to fix the issue as always. You have a great team who helps with very positive attitudes.

CS, Pharmacy Receiving & Inventory – Pak-EDGE / Technical Issue
Yes, I am very pleased on how fast and efficient the service request was. It was easy to fill out and I received a phone call within an hour of placing my request. The tech who assisted me was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.

PC, Lead Pharmacy Technician – Pak-EDGE / Technical Issue
Thanks for your follow up, all is well. Your support team was very helpful and was able to resolve the issue in a prompt manner and minimal downtime.

DA, Director of Pharmacy – Installation
Hi, I think the install went pretty good with all things considered. Obviously in person training would have been nice but that was impossible with the pandemic, so I think it actually went easier than I thought it was going to go. MPI Customer Assurance Staff was very knowledgeable and patient since we were doing all the training online and through the telephone. We have been happy with the machine so far, and it is much more efficient than what we had been doing.